Fimbulvetr: Beltaine // Livestream 30/4/21

DJ Vilkas,

Shadowplay Edinburgh


Fimbulvetr: Beltaine

A livestream continuing the Edinburgh Fimbulvetr legacy…

When DJ Vilkas, Shadowplay, took over promotion and DJing of Fimbulvetr in 2019 – continuing the ethos and musicality of the original live event, who could have known that the COVID-19 pandemic would force this format onto the livestream platform, where it has found a temporary home.

So join DJ Vilkas to celebrate the beginning of summer with Beltaine, influenced by the Gaelic May-day-esque celebration marking the midpoint between equinox and solstice; which harkens back to a time when the world was learning to embrace a wider humanity – when different cultures would ultimately converge to share values of tradition, worshipping the earth, and the cycle of nature.

DJ Vilkas will stream some neofolk-themed music, with a touch of modern dark folk, pagan-rock, ethereal, and atmospheric, to see out the Spring and to hope for a better Summer,
all while sipping some fine spirits and engaging in philosophical discussion.

Open to requests and suggestions of direction.

Modraniht – Cailleach
Faespell – Magick
Blòt Heathen – The Great Crossing
Chanting Temples – Sacred Hollows
Falloch – Horizons
Oak Pantheon – So Grossly Incandescent
Wardruna – Kitravn
Sólstafir – Ótta (Elevator Mix)
Dandelion Wine – Le Coeur II
Gazelle Twin & NYX – Deep England
Tenhi – Saivon Kimallus
Bauhaus – Kingdom’s Coming
Lycia – 34 Palms
Cocteau Twins – Throughout the Dark Months of April and May
The Moon and the Nightspirit – A Hajnal Köszöntése
Evergreen Refuge – Light Seeker, Dawn Bringer
Lustmord – Babel
Nytt Land – Ar Hotan Imi *
Osi and the Jupiter – Lœradr
Lůn – Prāṇa
An Danzza – El Corro de las Hadas
Mägo De Oz – Fiesta Pagana 2.0
Jeremy Soule – The Bannered Mare
Thy Catafalque – Siraly
Urze de Lume – Arnade
Inkubus Sukkubus – Beltaine
Omnia – Etrexomp-Ni Kelted
Blackmore’s Night – Feather in the Wind
Faun -Ynis Avalach
Corvus Corax – Fiach Dubh
Daemonia Nymphe – Macbeth’s Coronation
Arkona – Zimushka
Wardruna – Vardlokk
Death in Rome – Barbie Girl
The Legendary Pink Dots – I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty
Ordo Rosarius Equilibiro – [Social Darwninist Contortion] Who Is Born To Rule
The Crüxshadows – Deception
King Dude – Lucifer’s The Light Of The World
Emma Ruth Rundle, Thou – Orphan Limbs
Chelsea Wolfe – Birth of Violence
Current 93 – Oh Col Black Smith
Sol Invictus – Black Easter *
Death in Rome – na zare *
And Also The Trees – Virus Meadow
Sonya Belousove – Toss A Coin To Your Witcher

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